Sunday, May 9, 2010

Favorite Breakfast Book

I can't sit without reading something.  Sometimes I want to read while I'm watching TV.  I even like to read while I'm eating.  Right now, my breakfast table book is Beneath the Metropolis: The Secret Lives of Cities by Alex Marshall.

It's about the subways, sewers, catacombs, shopping malls and everything else we put underground. You get to visit 12 major cities around the world like:

Moscow (subway, secret subway, tunnels, secret tunnels)
Tokyo (subway, rubble from firebombing)
San Francisco ("Muni" trains, earthquake rubble, ships abandoned during goldrush)
Mexico City (subway, Aztec ruins, depleted aquifer causing city to sink).

Strangely, although the Chicago chapter mentions abandoned freight tunnels (and, yes, the subway), there is no mention of what I imagined to be a fairly extensive system of "pork tubes" servicing the region.

It's an easy and fascinating read, so I recommend you hunt it down for yourself. I found it at a used bookstore, so it won't cost you a bazillion dollars.

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