Monday, May 10, 2010

Identity Theft Prevention

They're having a big 'shred-a-thon' downtown today to help prevent identity theft.  I guess you bring down all your super personal information and bank statements, etc and they take care of it all for you.

We don't have a shredder.  

We have gerbils.

  Would you go digging through gerbil pee soaked bank statements?  Yeah, me neither.  Plus, it's 'green.'  No electricity required.

Shredding rules and gerbil rules are almost exactly the same:

-no staples or paper clips
-no plastic or metal
-no cd's or other disks
-no ink cartridges
-no toxic materials
-no biological matter

Now, I don't want any little gerbils getting hurt here.  Please use common sense if you decide to employ your rodents as soldiers in the war against identity theft.  Inks can be toxic, especially in large quantities!  Give them a rest between jobs...

As you can see, my little guys don't eat the paper.  They just tear it apart to make a fancy mattress with the bits.

(By the way, they are not devouring each other in this picture.  They just snuggle weird.)